You Can’t Half-Do a Keto Diet


Too many people think they can Half-Do a Keto diet. You can’t.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, if you are doing one of the below, you are half-doing it:

  1. You say “I’m kinda doing Keto”
  2. You say “I’m doing keto for lunch, but not dinner.”
  3. You don’t actually read nutrition labels and just assume the macronutrients of foods, thereby consuming lots of carbs without realizing it.
  4. You dropped your carbs, but don’t really count carbs.
  5. You dropped your carbs, but you didn’t increase your fat intake.
  6. You dropped your carbs, increased your fat, but also increased your protein too much (because bacon was an easy option.)
  7. You have never used a ketone testing stick to test if you are in ketosis and therefore have at least a general idea of what it should feel like.

Nearly all non keto diets can produce benefits if only partially followed. Reducing caloric intake 50% of the total prescribed reduction on a low calorie diet will give benefits. Reducing carb intake 50% of total prescribed reduction on a reduced carb diet will give benefits. Etc.

On a ketogenic diet, reducing carbs 50% and increasing fat 50% will usually have a detrimental effect on fat loss.

Eating keto some meals and not others, will usually have a detrimental effect on fat loss.

Follow me on this line of thinking:

  1. The key to a ketogenic diet is in the magical state you are seeking – ketosis.
  2. If you are not in ketosis, your body isn’t using fat for energy.
  3. If your body isn’t using fat for energy, it is storing fat for later.


  1. If you are only reducing carbs some and increasing fat some, you are not in ketosis.
  2. So by half assing your keto diet, you aren’t dieting. You are putting your body in a state of caloric surplus where the calories are coming from fat instead of carbs.

So what is the solution?

Don’t half-ass your keto diet.

You should either be eating keto and trying to get into a ketogenic state as fast as possible and stay that way, or you should be off keto and eating appropriately for your non ketogenic state.

Sometimes people still lose weight dieting this way because they wind up in a caloric deficit due to restricted food choices, but that probably won’t be the case for someone only halfway doing a ketogenic diet.

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