Where did this all start?

The Initial Spark

The initial spark for ThinSlim Foods came from Andrew Eckhardt, the owner of LindasDietDelites.com.

Over 6 years he grew a dying, brick and mortar diet food store into a thriving diet food superstore and ecommerce company. Along the way though he realized that very few of the products available from the store or elsewhere fit the requirements that he wanted.

Turns out he wasn’t alone.

Too many ‘diet’ food products are either unpalatable or are created using a laundry list of crazy processed additives. He is not an organic foodie by any stretch, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t prefer simpler ingredients.Too many other ‘diet’ foods are not nutritionally accurate.

Why weren’t there tons of products that tasted good, were low in calories in carbs, used high quality ingredients, and were nutritionally accurate?

A Company is Born

Working with the best bakeries available, Andrew started to develop foods that fit these new requirements under the name ThinSlim Foods. The first product, 40 calorie, 2g net carb muffins crafted with minimal preservatives and all natural erythritol as a sweetener were so good the only way to convice people they were real was with nutritional lab testing.

An Idea Takes Root

What if? Creating a palatable ‘diet’ muffin is hard enough, but…

What if a food was given a responsibility? What if a food had to INSPIRE people to live healthier?

Normally diet food makes it hard for people to live healthy. Healthy lifestyle failure results because people feel the need to cheat. But what if  ‘cheat food’ wasn’t bad for you and therefore you could live a healthy lifestyle while still eating the food you enjoy.

This is the idea that ThinSlim Foods is based around. All current and potential products are thrown against this heavy ideal.

ThinSlim Foods is creating foods that make it easier to live a healthy lifestyle. So easy it inspires people to live healthier.

Join Us

What we quickly realized though, is that we can’t do this alone. Inspiring healthy lifestyles through food is no easy task. So we are asking for help. We are building a small tribe of interested fans starting with our already committed customer base. Through this blog, facebook, and our website we are opening conversations with you to help us craft these new generation products. We need help with ideas, testing of final products, and more.

We are only getting warmed up and we need your help.

To stay involved do one or ALL of the following. We will keep you informed of the latest news, ask you for your help on creating new products and flavors, ask you for your help on INSPIRING healthy lifestyles in others, and only share the most important healthy lifestyle news available.

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