What if?

‘Diet food’ was enjoyable?

‘Cheat food’ wasn’t cheating?

‘Low calorie’ or ‘low carb’ didn’t mean ‘tastes like dirt’ or ‘made from chemicals’?

This is the food as part of a healthy lifestyle we want to eat. But, we were having a hard time finding it. Between the healthy flavorless options on one end and the tasty, although suspect nutritionally or ingredientwise on the other end, not much was left….so we are setting out to make it a reality and we settled on a motto to steady our path. 

“Crafting ridiculously awesome foods that inspire healthy lifestyles.”

We are giving our food the incredibly difficult job of making people want to live healthier by making it easier to eat healthy.

Join Us

What we quickly realized though, is that we can’t do this alone. Inspiring healthy lifestyles through food is no easy task. So we are asking for help. We are building a small tribe of interested fans starting with our already committed customer base. Through this blog, facebook, and our website we are opening conversations with you to help us craft these new generation products. We need help with ideas, testing of final products, and more.

We are only getting warmed up and we need your help.

To stay involved do one or ALL of the following. We will keep you informed of the latest news, ask you for your help on creating new products and flavors, ask you for your help on INSPIRING healthy lifestyles in others, and only share the most important healthy lifestyle news available.

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3.) Learn more about the current revolutionary product line up by clicking on the product categories on our site (STORE link above). 1/2 the calories and 1/10th the net carbs of even most diet foods and don’t even compare to traditional food.

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