To Build Muscle Faster, Exercise in the Cold. Here’s How to Add Ice to a Workout

The latest way to build brain function and muscle is through use of cold therapy. You could dunk your head in ice water or use cryotherapy to improve your brain function, recovery from workouts, and even burn more fat. Working out in the cold helps your body to access its inner fuel because at cool temperatures, your blood will have more oxygen in the blood, helping recovery. Hormones will be released as well during hard workouts. If it doesn’t happen to be cold where you are, you can simply pack an ice vest on for your workout to experience the benefits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having ice after a really hard workout can be good to stop your muscles from flaming up.
  • Inflammation in the joints or muscles can be a cause of concern for anyone who works out.
  • Working out is really healthy but one must stay within their limits to avoid injury.

“Cold exposure increases your blood oxygen levels and lowers your core body temperature. Studies find that adding cold to your workout increases your endurance, as well as your maximum exercise intensity and your recovery speed.”

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