37 Keto Candy Recipes to Satisfy a Sweet Tooth

Being on a healthy diet generally means avoiding sugar and its attendant bodily ills. However, even the most conscientious of regime followers can get a yen for something sugary. A piece of chocolate, a caramel, a gummy, or a hard candy. Fret no more. Keto aficionados have devised an array of candy recipes that adapt favorites, like truffles, to the needs of those who are eschewing sugar. The good news is that you can feast on chocolate kisses, truffles, coconut cups, white chocolate squares and more. The key is in switching up the sweeteners and occasionally other normally dicey ingredients. For a thumbs-up sweetener, remember to go for birch xylitol or non-GMO erythritol. You can also use Stevia and sugar free juices. For sweet stuff requiring a chocolate base go for high quality dark chocolate, like the keto-inspired chocolate fuel bars. Also remember that cocoa, cocoa butter and coconut are all delicious, ‘good’ fats that can make your treats sing with no added sugars.

Key Takeaways:

  • Create chocolate kisses with cocao butter and non-sucrose sweeteners, like birch xylitol.
  • Use cocoa powder and coconut cream to create elegant and delectable chocolate truffles.
  • non-GMO erythritol is an organic sweetener that can be used to create non-sucrose sweets.

“Using low glycemic sweeteners and rich flavors from chocolate, nuts, and coconut, these recipes deliver sweet flavor with none of the sugar crash.”

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