10 trends that will decide what and how we eat in 2019 – South China Morning Post

Grocer Whole Foods is the proverbial eye in the sky when it comes to predicting the hot options for eating and related lifestyle options for the next year. So, restaurateurs have anxiously awaited the data compiled for the 2019 Whole Foods list of what will be hot. Asia will be big, apparently, with flavors from the Western coast of South America, Oceania and the far east making it to a plate near you. Popular new recipes are apt to include options such as guava, dragon fruit, shrimp paste, cuttlefish, Filipino sausage and longganisa. Keto-friendly sweet treats will be on the rise and probiotics, already on view in fermented choices like pickled kimchi, will be moving from ingestibles to beauty and cleaning products. Ice cream is getting a new-age vegan bent with options like frozen cheese swirl and bases like avocado and hummus. Cannabis is going nowhere and seaweed is gaining a share of the market with staples like kelp noodles. Meat substitutes will be the rage and consumers are going to go even bigger for environmental stewardship and responsible and diverse hiring.

Key Takeaways:

  • Specially curated better fat options, like Keto nutrition bars and coconut-butter filled chocolates are on the way.
  • Hot recipes will feature items like cuttlefish, shrimp paste, guava and Filipino sausage.
  • Probiotics have been on trend for a while, via pickled foods like fermented kimchi, but now cleaning and beauty products will try to get in on the action.

“Grocer Whole Foods suggests flavours from Asia, Oceania and the western coasts of South America are on the rise, while the hemp business boom will also be a factor next year”

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