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Word on the skreet is that ThinSlim Foods has a new line of bread, bagels, and buns coming out.

Word on the skreet would be correct and we’d like you to Weigh-In (pun intended) on what it should be called.

Although our current line of ridiculously low calorie and low carb bagels doesn’t have a name, it will need one too so you can tell them apart.

The current ThinSlim Foods Bagels are 60 calories and 2g net carbs per 2oz.

The new line will be ~150 calories and ~7g net carbs per 2oz. and the consistency will be closer to regular bread than the existing line.

Below are some ideas we have floated in order of how much we dig them.

Tell us which one you like in the comments or tell us if you think you have a better one (I so hope you realize some of these suggestions aren’t real.)

Hopefully some of your ideas are better than ours – just think, we called one of our products ‘Squares.’

1. )Existing:    ThinSlim Foods Lite Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Live Bagels

2.) Existing:   ThinSlim Foods Terrible Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Terrible-r Bagels

3.) Existing:   ThinSlim Foods Weight-Loss Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Weight-Maintain Bagels

4. )Existing:   ThinSlim Foods Awesome Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Awesome-too Bagels

5.) Existing:   ThinSlim Foods Fit-Loss Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Fit-Maintain Bagels

6.) Existing:   ThinSlim Foods Litest Bagels    New: ThinSlim Foods Lite Bagels

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