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Vacations Don’t Have to Mean a Diet Disaster

The summer months are quickly coming to an end, but for many of us it means we are still trying to squeeze in some more fun before the season ends. While a last-minute summer vacation is often much-needed before the school year begins, they can sometimes be detrimental to a diet. Although you want to leave behind all your daily cares when you go on vacation, if you completely forget about your diet as well, you may find yourself coming home not only well-rested, but also heavier. But how do you avoid completely ruining your diet while on vacation? Read on for some tips that will help you enjoy your much-needed rest without doing damage to your diet.

Choose a Vacation that Caters to Health

One option that will definitely make dieting while on vacation easier is to opt for a vacation that is health-oriented. There are many different types of these vacations available, including going to a health and wellness spa, going to a fitness resort that offers sports, or even a cruise that is focused on low-carb living. If you choose your vacation based on your health and dietary needs, it will make it much easier to stick with your plan while still enjoying your break from everyday life.

Location, Location, Location

If your vacation cannot (or you simply don’t want it to) focus on fitness and health, one simple trick is to think about the location of your hotel. If you plan your hotel within walking distance of local attractions, you can easily sneak in a little exercise that can help burn off calories you may “accidentally” consume while on vacation.

Take Your Own Food
For most people, one of the great aspects of going on vacation is that it requires no grocery shopping, no cooking, etc. However, if you are staying in a place where it is possible to cook (or even heat up food in the microwave), having some healthy options available for yourself will make you less likely to indulge in bad foods. Even if you don’t want to cook, keeping healthy snacks on hand can prevent grabbing overpriced high-calorie foods at an airport or other location- bonus: this can save you money as well as save on calories and carbs.
Allow Yourself Some Wiggle Room
Vacations only typically come once a year, and for many people they don’t even happen that often. If you do decide to splurge while on vacation, limit yourself. Set a limit that you can only make one bad diet decision per day and you can limit your overall calorie intake. If you keep these limits in place, and you stick to your diet plan again as soon as you arrive home from vacation, you won’t have to face a higher number on the scale for long.

No matter where you decide to go on vacation, these great ThinSlim Foods snacks can let you feel as though you are splurging without ruining your diet! 

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