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Top Five Diet Myths Series: Myth #1 – Don’t Eat Past a Certain Time

As if trying to lose weight wasn’t difficult enough even given the correct information, there is a lot of incorrect information out there that can delay or even hinder the weight loss process. Wading through all the weight loss information out there can be difficult, and figuring out what truly works to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle can be frustrating. And if you are frustrated before ever beginning a diet, the likelihood of success is even lower. Read on to learn Diet Myth Number 1 in a set of 5 Diet Myths you need to know.

Diet Myth Number 1: Eating Late in the Evening is Bad

One of the top diet myths is that you shouldn’t eat after a certain time of night. Some sources say 6 PM, some say 8 PM, and others have a different time altogether. However, this is not actually a good way to lose weight and keep it off. Since the body’s metabolism can be altered on a daily basis, the goal is to speed metabolism up. The optimal way to do this is to eat every few hours, but a small amount. So, if you don’t eat past a certain time at night, you will go ten or more hours without eating anything. By doing this, your metabolism will slow down. Then the next morning, the first bite of food will be stored as fat, even if the food is healthy. Doing this can also cause hunger late in the evening, which can lead to binging. When this happens, not only will you have slowed your metabolism, but then you will take in more calories than you should, which is counterproductive.

A Better Option

Instead of cutting yourself off completely from food just because the clock strikes a certain hour, you can control your calorie intake late at night. Instead of eating a large plate of food (which often happens if you know you won’t be eating again for many hours), opt for smaller portions for your dinner. Then, plan in advance what type of healthy snack food you will have later in the evening. It is good to time this snack for at least two hours after your meal, and usually at least an hour before bed. By planning this snack time in advance, you will accomplish many goals. You will lessen your intake of food during mealtime (which in itself slows the metabolism down), and then you will keep your metabolism going through the night to burn off what you eat shortly before bed. Not only that, but by planning your healthy snack in advance, you will prevent yourself from feeling famished, which ultimately results in binging on last-minute, and often bad for you, snack foods. 

Busting the Diet Myth

By understanding that eating after a certain time is a diet myth, you don’t have to feel guilty about having a low-calorie snack in the evening. You can take control of your snack time and food options, allowing you to use this diet myth to your advantage.

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