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Three Simple Tips to Avoid Nibbling While Cooking

It can sometimes be hard to prevent yourself from nibbling on foods mindlessly while cooking. This may not seem like it would have a big impact on your weight loss, but even a few bites at each meal you prepare can add up over time. Although it may be tempting, there are a few things you can do to prevent yourself from tasting the sauces and other foods while you are cooking, potentially saving hundreds of calories and helping you achieve your weight loss goals. 


Brush your teeth before cooking – when you brush your teeth, it leaves your mouth minty fresh, which can prevent you from giving into the urge to nibble. 

Chew gum while cooking – pop in a fresh piece of gum before you start cooking to avoid the temptation of taste-testing. 

Drink a full glass of water before cooking – if you fill up on water before you cook, you won’t feel like you have room for any food while eating. Not only will this prevent you from eating while cooking, but it can help you eat less at the meal as well. 

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