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The Skinny On a Slim Tummy – Eating Yogurt Can Reduce Belly Fat

It has often been talked about that eating yogurt regularly as a part of a healthy diet can help achieve weight loss, particularly by reducing belly fat. Read on to learn the importance of reducing excess weight around the middle, as well as the best method of eating yogurt to achieve this goal: 

The Negative Effects of Excess Weight Around the Middle

Excess belly fat is linked to a variety of health conditions, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  By reducing the amount of excess weight a person has around the middle, they decrease the likelihood of developing such conditions. While dieting, exercise, and generally losing weight will help in achieving better overall health, some body types have a hard time losing excess belly fat. In this case, or in conjunction with diet and exercise, increasing the amount of yogurt you eat daily can often help.

Studies on Yogurt to Lose Belly Fat

Many different studies have been performed on the effect of consuming yogurt and weight around the middle, with very consistent results. Consuming yogurt regularly has been proven to help reduce the amount of belly fat on a body, while also aiding in healthy digestion and keeping the body working more efficiently. Studies have also shown that it’s not just simply increasing the amount of yogurt consumed in a day, but to increase it to 16 oz. per day along with a low calorie diet. In order for yogurt intake to assist you in losing belly fat, you want to increase your intake of yogurt while still regulating your calorie and carb intake for the day. Some brands of yogurt can include a high number of both, so it is important to check labels and factor those in on your total count so your efforts aren’t counterproductive on your weight loss.

In addition to increasing yogurt intake to reduce excess weight, it helps to have great-tasting low calorie snacks and breads on hand at all times, such as those available at ThinSlim Foods

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  • A lot of people who have tried this type of diet plan plan has claimed that they indeed lose weight without having getting the have to exercise, but most specialists still insists of going through an exercise program since it can be much healthier and can assist you lose pounds and melt away fatty acids rapidly.