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Fall Weather Provides Opportunities for Fun Exercise

If fitness activities have not been a daily part of your routine, it’s not always easy to find ways to get exercise without it seeming like a chore. However, fitting in some sort of exercise regularly can aid in the weight loss process, helping you achieve your goals more quickly and fully. The cool fall weather that has finally begun to arrive in most parts of the country, offering many opportunities to get active. Read on to learn a few great fall activities that can help burn calories:

Outdoor Fall Activities to Burn CaloriesRaking Leaves – if the leaves haven’t begun to fall in your yard yet, they likely will soon, and raking leaves can be a great way to get exercise to promote weight loss. Leave the leaf blower in the garage and grab a rake this year – just 30 minutes of this fall outdoor activity can burn 140 calories or more. If you weigh 135 pounds, it burns 140 calories, so if you weigh more, you will burn even more calories during this time. And, of course, if you rake leaves for an hour, you will burn twice as many. Then, if you play with the kids and jump in the leaves after they are raked (and have to rake them again), you burn even more calories and have even more fun!Hiking – Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors by hiking through the woods with friends or family. Doing so is not only a fun way to spend the day, but can burn 200 calories or more for a mere half-hour of fun. If you spend the day hiking, you will aid your weight loss efforts and have fun at the same time. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to pack up some healthy low carb, low calorie foods; and stop for a picnic during the middle of your hike for some great family time.

Playing Catch – With football season upon us, and the weather cooling so that it’s fun to be outdoors, playing catch is a great option for squeezing in some exercise to promote weight loss. Playing catch with a football or baseball can burn 80 calories or more in a half-hour, offering a great way to get in some family time and burn calories at the same time. Put together a flag football game and you will burn even more calories. Keep great low-calorie snacks on hand for the gathering, and you won’t take in more calories than you are burning while having fun at your get-together.

Finding ways to get in more exercise during the fall season isn’t difficult, but it is important to remember that when you begin burning more calories, you may feel more hungry. Keep food choices on hand that are healthy and won’t undo your hard work, and you will see weight loss progress without feeling like it was a chore.

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