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Diet Foods Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune: Save While Staying on Track

When you begin changing your lifestyle to include healthier eating habits for weight loss, you may quickly discover that doing so can be quite costly. Lean meats are typically more expensive than fattier varieties, fresh fruits are more expensive than sweets, low carb breads are more expensive than their high-carb counterparts, etc. For those of us that feed many people and are on a budget for groceries every week, beginning a healthy diet can hit the pocketbook pretty hard. Don’t let this deter you from eating in a healthy way, though. Instead, read on for some tips to save money on foods that can help you achieve your weight loss and health goals.

Shop Clearance – While it may sound strange to shop clearance for food items, it can help save quite a bit of money. Many online stores will have clearance items due to overstock or the items being discontinued. Purchasing from this section can easily save you money on great diet foods. In addition to shopping clearance online, many grocery stores will have small clearance sections for foods that have damaged boxes (not affecting the foods) or that have been discontinued. In many cases, a healthy meat will be on sale and simply needs to be frozen the same day or a food may have an expiration within a few days. By checking the clearance or reduced-price sections at your online store or physical supermarket, you can often save money on healthy food items. 

Shop in bulk – If you shop online for your weight loss foods, you can often save shipping costs by ordering a higher quantity at one time (many websites offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount). Many great diet food items, such as our ThinSlim Foods brownies, can be frozen for up to six months, so ordering in bulk doesn’t mean you have to eat more of the food – instead, it enables you to stock up for long periods of time. Shopping physical discount club stores can also provide the opportunity to purchase healthier food options in bulk, ultimately saving money on your weight loss efforts. 

Compare online – By shopping online, you can compare many different store prices to find the best deals on your favorite diet foods. Many online stores are manufacturers of the products they sell, which means their prices often reflect a lower overhead than physical stores. 

Watch for deals – Some grocery stores will offer deals on certain food items, particularly during a holiday related to that food item. The beginning of the year (when so many people make their New Year’s resolutions) is often a great time to stock up on foods that can help you reach your goal of losing weight because stores will offer deals on these types of healthy foods. Watching the sales ads from local supermarkets can help you determine which healthy food items are on sale so you can maintain your healthy diet and save money at the same time.

Purchase foods when they are in season – Shopping for foods that are in season are a great way to purchase healthy fruits and vegetables without breaking the bank. Many times, canned fruits and vegetables are much cheaper than fresh, but they are less healthy for you. By purchasing in-season produce, you will be able to eat the healthiest version possible without spending extra money.

Make your own as much as possible – Time can often be a factor, but if you ever do have the time to make your own food at home, the cost of eating healthy goes down quite a bit. Making homemade low carb pasta for dinner can be much more affordable than buying it at a restaurant, or even buying premade healthy meals in the frozen foods section. The same is true for snack foods, potato chips, etc. 

Thanks for reading our blog! Although eating in a healthy way does tend to cost more than eating foods that are bad for you, it is worth the cost. Plus, if you follow all of these tips, you can limit the amount of increase in your food bill. Begin finding great deals by visiting us at ThinSlim Foods for some great-tasting low carb, low calorie snack foods!

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